How to Become a Corporate Lawyer after LLB

Becoming a corporate lawyer can be a rewarding and challenging career path for law graduates. As a corporate lawyer, you will have the opportunity to work with businesses, corporations, and organizations, providing legal advice and assistance on various matters.

If you have recently completed your LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree and aspire to become a corporate lawyer, this article will guide you through the steps to kick-start your career in this field.

Excel in Your LLB Program

Obtaining a solid foundation in law is crucial to becoming a successful corporate lawyer. During your LLB program, focus on building a strong understanding of corporate law, contract law, commercial law, and other relevant subjects.

Engage in class discussions, seek clarifications, and actively participate in moot court competitions or other practical activities to develop your legal skills.

Gain Practical Experience

While theoretical knowledge is essential, practical experience is equally important. Look for internships or summer clerkship opportunities at law firms specializing in corporate law.

This hands-on experience will expose you to real-world legal scenarios, allow you to work alongside experienced professionals, and help you develop crucial skills such as legal research, drafting contracts, and client communication.

Networking and Building Connections

Networking plays a significant role in any legal career, and corporate law is no exception. Attend legal seminars, conferences, and workshops where you can interact with practicing lawyers, industry experts, and potential employers.

Join professional associations, such as the local bar association or organizations specific to corporate law, to connect with like-minded professionals.

Building a strong network can lead to valuable mentorship opportunities and potential job offers in the future.

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Pursue a Master’s Degree or Specialization

Consider pursuing a Master’s degree or specialization in corporate law to enhance your knowledge and stand out in the competitive job market. A postgraduate qualification will give you an in-depth understanding of complex corporate legal issues and demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Look for reputable universities or law schools that offer specialized programs in corporate law or business law.

Obtain Professional Certification

Obtaining professional certifications can enhance your credibility and increase your chances of securing a corporate law position.

Consider certifications such as the Certified Corporate Lawyer (CCL) or the Certified In-House Counsel (CIC) offered by professional legal associations. These certifications validate your expertise and dedication to the field.

Apply for Positions and Build Experience

Once you have completed your LLB and gained practical experience, start applying for corporate law positions. Joining a law firm that specializes in corporate law or the legal department of a corporation will provide you with valuable experience and exposure to corporate clients and transactions.

As you progress, seek opportunities to work on complex cases or high-profile projects to further enhance your skills and reputation.

Continual Professional Development

Corporate law is a dynamic field, and staying updated with the latest legal developments is crucial. Engage in continuous professional development by attending seminars, webinars, and workshops. Join relevant legal associations and participate in their events.

Consider writing articles or blog posts on corporate law topics to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader in the field.


Becoming a corporate lawyer after LLB requires dedication, hard work, and continuous learning. By excelling in your LLB program, gaining practical experience, building a strong network, pursuing further education, obtaining professional certifications, and seeking relevant positions, you can pave your way towards a successful career in corporate law.

Remember to stay focused, keep abreast of legal developments, and seize opportunities for growth and advancement. Good luck on your journey to becoming a corporate lawyer

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